Thursday, March 17, 2016

#30DayChallenge Week 1

Today is Day 8 of my 30 Day 10 Minutes a Day Challenge! Let me recap our progress..

Day 1: 20 Minutes of Yoga -- Mom 10 Minute Work Out
Day 2: 3 Mile Run -- Mom 10 Minute Work Out
Day 3: 4 Mile Run -- Mom 10 Minute Work Out
Day 4: 10 Minutes jump rope & abs -- Mom she quit!
Day 5: 10 Minutes jump rope, abs & arms
Day 6: 2 Mile Run
Day 7: ......
Day 8: 10 Minutes jump rope, abs & arms

First lets talk about me and then I'll get into my mom. I missed a day. I could give an excuse but I won't. I should have prioritized my time and made better food choices. I didn't work out that morning and eating garbage for lunch had my stomach upset in the evening. But I am continuing on with the challenge because not only do I want to get back in shape but I truly want to develop the habit of exercising on a regular basis. And not just running. I cannot get the body I want with running alone. I can get down to the weight I want but I will still be jiggly. I don't want to be jiggly. LOL

On to my mom. I really want for her to be happy and healthy. I really really do. My desire for her to create new habits and get fit will not keep her on the track to a healthy lifestyle. She has to want it for herself. I talked with her about it and she completely agreed with me and said that is what she is trying to tell everybody that wants her to do things that she just does not want to do.

I have been there. Before starting my running journey I would occasionally work out with my friends. I tried a Zumba class here and I would do a DVD there but I never found anything that I would or wanted to stick with. It wasn't until I had the desire for myself that I downloaded that app and hit the road. I can't expect anything different from my mom or anyone else. We all have a free will. God designed us that way. He gave us free will to make Godly decisions or Wordly decisions. We can follow Him and do as He wants us to or not. And its not until we make that decision that our lives can be blessed abundantly and be able to fully walk in our purpose.

Check back next week and see how I am doing! I'm feeling good about this. And I may just keep going once the 30 days are over.


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