Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A New Year is Coming

A new year is on its way. With 2015 on its way to a close this is usually the time of year for reflection, goal setting, and cleaning out closets.

We reflect on what we did, the memories we created, and milestones we reached. All of that should overwhelm us with a sense of accomplishment. Pride in the achievement and warmth of the memories and love that was shared. The only questions we should ask ourselves is how can I be better? What can I do to make this coming year better?

We look back at the goals we set. Did we hit them? Crush them? Did we even attempt them? This is not the time to beat yourself up, but once again, analyze what went right just how you planned. Keep that. What came close to happening? How can you make it better or what can you do differently? Lastly, what didn't you attempt at all? Was it impossible? Was it something that you even truly desired to reach? All of these things can be assessed for a better year to come.

Cleaning out those closets!! My husband will be so proud when I do this. He has already mentioned to me about how "wonderful" it will feel to find things you forgot about, give away things that you don't even wear, and just create space for the possibility of new things to come........ All I hear is CLEANING OUT THE CLOSET *insert eye roll, wall side, and mini tantrum*. I don't like it but I know my side of the closet is ridiculous and it probably turns his stomach every time my side of the door is open. And you want to know something, to be completely honest, it bothers me just a lil bit. Well more than that because I actually want to do something about it. 

I do have some fitness goals to reach this year. First is to start back running 3 times a week. I have only ran 1 time since October. ONE TIME! I did decide to take a break but this has become a hiatus. And it is just me and my love of sleep in the morning. No other excuse is necessary. The weather has been wonderful minus the small cold snap we had back in November maybe the early part of December... See it wasn't even long enough or cold enough to be memorable! Building muscle is on my list of things to achieve. I like the good parts to jiggle but everything else must leave. Definition in my arms and legs must return and running hundreds of miles is not going to make it happen. 

What are you doing to bring in 2016? Are you going to church to Praise the Lord thanking Him for another new year? An annual New Year's Eve extravaganza with sequins, confetti, and heels? Staying in for the night in your favorite PJs to watch the midnight countdown? 

Whatever it is that you decide to do be safe, enjoy yourself, and really appreciate the moment. It will be a day that we haven't seen before and a day that we will never see again. Relish in it! Enjoy it! Drink in all the little things that are happening. And not only on New Year's Eve but EVERYDAY! Set out each day with the desire to make it the best day yet!

Be Blessed

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I did it! I completed a goal that I set out to accomplish! The thrill of victory is upon me and you know what?.... I am PRETTY FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! BUT IF IT WASN'T FOR THE GRACE OF GOD I COULDN'T HAVE FINISHED!!!

I finished this milestone October 18, 2015. It took me 2 hours 18 minutes and 25 seconds to complete. But the funny thing is it wasn't my planned race day... Let me paint the picture for you. Picture it, Sicily, 1952 (you know where I got that from? LOL) I woke up that Sunday morning knowing that I would be running 12 miles as per my running plan dictated. Really it should have been 11 but I was moving my "Race Day" up a week early because I wanted to run some place other than my usual town. SO, I already changed the whole game around by moving the day. I did my usual warm up walk, told my app how many miles we were doing, annnddd off I went.

Mile 6, the halfway point, I actually made it all the way to my place of employment. I felt great! In my mind I'm always trying to figure out where I am going to turn around and head back home and this was no different. My conversation kind of went like this... "You could just turn around and head back", "Yea, but you always run that way, how about going thru the campus way?" "But what if it's not the same distance?" "It's close enough to the same, maybe" "OK let's go!" <<< Yes, I talk to myself just like that #Don'tJudgeMe

Miles 7-9... Still feeling pretty good. The wind was whipping a bit but I pressed on. A littler slower because of it but hey, it's been a lot of miles. Some where in here I stopped at my Granny-In-Law's house for some much needed water and good surprise to her!

Miles 10-11... They were tough but I still had some energy. All during this time was when the idea of just going the whole 13.1 came up. That crazy question runners have of "What's one more mile?" Yup, I asked myself this question several times during those 20 or so minutes. The conclusion? You got it! WHAT'S ONE MORE MILE!!! I checked the time and instead of turning left to head home to complete the last of 12 miles I went straight. I went over the route in my head, making sure that I would reach the 13.1 mark and I kept it moving, still going off of my philosophy of if you run far enough away from home you have to finish. It works every time.....

THIS IS WHERE THE REAL CHALLENGE CAME IN......... Seriously, why do people do this? And by people I am talking about myself. Oh my word! I reached mile 12 and I was like what was I thinking? I could be home right now but nooooo I decided to keep going..... You need to be back to get ready for church.... Your husband just checked on you cause you've been gone too long.... But you will be done with it if you keep going and no more early mornings when it's still night time outside although the clock says otherwise. Maybe I should have waited until next week like I planned. YOU'RE GOING TO BE DONE! Keep moving.

And I kept going. Then going some more. Until finally 13.1 miles displayed on my running app. I. AM. FINISHED! I let out the loudest scream of joy that I could muster! Man, I am the WOMAN!

What will I do next? What level of insanity will I put my body thru? I really can't say. I've thought about training for a triathlon maybe, or just biking. I do not see myself training for a Full Marathon just yet but I will never say never. I said that once before and now I run Half Marathons for fun! If I did decide to train for it, I would sign up for an official Marathon. They have aid stations and medical people on standby for just in case and for goodness sake that is 26.2 MILES O_O! I need an audience, witnesses, a medal, t-shirt and pictures!! LOL!  Until next time...


Friday, September 25, 2015



Yes, I am half way to completing a Half Marathon! I am too pumped about it... At the tail end of Week 6 in my training I look back and see how far I have come, I cannot help but to recognize that all Glory goes to God. I know its not just me out there running these miles, helping me push pass my own limitations and even frustrations while I'm on the road. Jesus is truly there with me, protecting me during the darkest of mornings while the roosters are crowing and God knows what is rumbling in the bushes. Everyday He shows me just how awesome He is by showing me each new sunrise is never the same as the day before.

5:48 am in the morning... Reminds me of Gotham City

6:30 am... Vastly different view and less than an hour difference. BEAUTIFUL!

I've finally reached the level of running insanity when you get up in miles and you say things like, "it's only X amount of more miles", or "what's another 3 miles?" O_o. Last week I had to run 7 miles for my long run and I have 8 coming up this weekend. So at my turn around point to make it back home I looked at my app and said, "OK its only 3 more miles to make it back home... What's 3 more miles!" And laughed! Hysterically! My dog baby, needless to say, was not looking too thrilled at my enjoyment but we both made it back, she more exhausted than I was. I conked out by the end of the day though. We've found that 7 miles is her max and she won't be out for long runs with me anymore. :-( I know she is gonna be sad and I'm going to miss her company, but its for her own good and safety. She still gets to run the other 4 days.

This week has me running 4 miles each scheduled day and 8 miles on Sunday. Well, how about this girl right here ran under 40 minutes!!!! Grease Lightening is my name! And I know that there are people who can run 6 and 7  minute miles but for me... THAT WAS FAST and I am getting faster with each passing week! I realized that if I actually use my full stride I cover more distance even if it "feels" like my pace is slower. It's not. God didn't give me these long legs for nothing! Ha! If I can get my pace to 9 minute miles..... I would probably do a back flip if I could but a cartwheel would be in order! LOL

I have low key been thinking about what I will do next in terms of fitness goals. I do not think a full marathon will be the very next thing but I will never say never. I can finish my half and crazily proclaim, "hey, what's 13.1 more miles?!?!?" and there you go.  -_-  I have been googling Triathlon training plans or bike-a-thon joints so we shall see. I know it will be something but the first thing is taking a break and letting my body heal. I am not torn up or broken down but my feet and knees be talking to me! 5 days a week is no joke when you start out being used to only 3 days a week.

That is all for now...

Be Blessed

Friday, August 21, 2015

Running Shoes

I said I would never run! NEVER RUN! It hurt, it was not fun, why would any one WANT to run that far? The only way I'm running is if I'm running for my life?!?!?! Then it happened....  Operation #HalfMarathon has begun! YUP, never say never! :-)

Now running is my fitness. It is how I stay in shape. Outside of dancing (which I'll talk about later) running has been the only form of exercise that I've been consistent with.  Some people, like my husband and 2 BFFs, can do DVDs, lift weights, made up at home work outs, all of that. Me... not so much! I can turn it off, I can stop, she/he doesn't have to yell at me like that! Running on the other hand I can't just stop.  Technically I can but the trick is I run far enough away from home that even if I feel like giving up  I still have to run back. Yea I could walk back but running is so much quicker so you might as well finish.

How did I get my start you ask? I'm so glad you did! Well its been about 2 years now since I started my 1st Couch to 5K plan.  I knew I needed to do something to get myself back in shape and I kept looking at the different C25K apps for my phone.  And one day I said just do it! I downloaded the app and off I went! The struggle was real!!!! They want you to run for a whole minute.... 1 MINUTE! Do you know how long a minute is? Yea 60 seconds I know but when you're used to doing nothing it's like an eternity.

Fast forward to 2015 and I've run for an hour and 10 minutes.  I ran a 10K distance which is 6.2 miles and loved it! My forever running buddy is my dog baby Sheba. She stays attached to my waist and it's one of her favorite past times in addition to belly rubs, car rides, long naps and treats. Ha, her interests sounds like a singles add!

 There's my big girl!

All in all we have a great time together. We both get a workout and a tired dog is a happy dog. Here we are training for this Half. I probably won't take her out on the super long runs because when we finished the 6 miles I didn't think she was going to make it. But we'll see, she just might surprise me.

In my mind this is what I look like running... Ha! :-D One day...

This is my 1st week of training and I'm excited!!!! I added up all the miles of the plan and including the actual marathon it's 279.1 miles!!! In 12 weeks that's almost 100 miles a month... The thought of the end result is a bit overwhelming but if I take each day 1 day at a time it will be a piece of cake.  And I DO LOVE cake!!! With every new week I will probably update to see where I am and how my head space is going.

That's it for now...


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hey! Hi! Hello!

You know the old saying, "So much to do, so little time!" And how people talk about the "different hats" they have to wear? Well that's how this idea came to mind. I am not a Hat Lady but I do LOVE shoes! I am your quintessential optimist so there you have it!! "So Many Shoes, So Much Time". See how I did that? LOL! 😉

A little about me and my shoes... I am a wife to a wonderful husband, he is a Pastor, we own our own business, I am a Legal Assistant by profession, a Dog Mama, Aunt, Friend, Daughter, Listening Ear, and on top of ALL of that, I've begun training for a Half Marathon... Sweet Dear Jesus what have I gotten myself into? 

So in a nutshell that's me. Nope, this blog isn't about the latest greatest in designer shoe wear (although Jessica Simpson has some the the best, most comfortable shoes, which I love!) But more so my different "shoe roles" and any other little musings I may come up with.
 Look at that beauty right there!!

Who knows what I'll do with this?!?!? One thing is for sure,  I felt compelled to write my thoughts for others to read. If someone can relate then it's the best decision one could have made. I do know this, once you have that feeling to do something in a positive direction it is best to go ahead and do it. Its usually a God thing and His things are always AWESOME!

With all of that being said... Welcome!