Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 1 C210K

Screenshot of my first week of training....

Week One went pretty good. I completed all 3 runs this week which is awesome!! I didn't get in a "long run" (3+ miles) this week but that's OK. My husband and I were out and about Saturday walking around and by the end of the day my legs were done!! D O N E!! So Sunday I let them rest.

The one downside I see to going back to my old app is that it cheats me for my .01... I'm not the best mathematician so please correct me if I am wrong but .25 times 8 is 2 miles. I don't do the last walk interval because it just flows into the cool down (so it is 1.85 miles) but if you are adding .10 and .15 there is no way that my ending distance should have end with a 4... I'm just sayin....... 

 This week I plan on incorporating strength training on the alternate days. Week Two Day 1 has started off on the good foot. Its still almost too easy but I keep reminding myself that I am rebuilding. I do feel good with each run interval and with the build up with each week I am confident that I will be able to consistently run each interval without stopping. I am really trying to work on my form during this time as well. Making sure that my arms aren't crossing my body and keeping my body up so I don't "run into the ground" if that makes sense. 

What are you doing this week? Until next time,


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