Thursday, February 25, 2016

About That Break...

Yup... It is still on going... Last time I wrote I ran one time now I am up to one more time since the last time! LOL!!! It's pathetic and no one is to blame but the woman looking back at me in the mirror.

I've decided to help me help myself by looking for some safety equipment to be prepared to run at Zero Dark 30 in the morning. I have looked for lights to attach to myself, or a reflective vest, or even these armband reflective things I saw at Wally World. I really do not know what I want but I know I need something since that is the only time during the week that I can run. The weekends I can get out there but that's only 2 days.

I use the Nike+ Running App. (Great free app by the way) I was looking thru it the other day and found the Coach Feature. They have basically any plan that you would need from Beginner 5K to a Full Marathon. I selected the Intermediate 5K plan. I chose this because it will be a challenge and the very 1st day, YOU RUN 3 MILES!!! I know I can do it. Then its like a 4 miler in that same week. I. CAN. DO. THAT...... Well I can but its going to take a lot of effort and Jesus, and God the Father and the Holy Spirit... But it will get done.

^^^LOL^^^ Why is it still cold outside? It's the end of February and it's not officially flip flop season yet. It makes it so much harder to throw those covers back and put my feet on the floor. <-- yea, I know that is an excuse because I've seen people out in the blizzard running and getting it in.... MORE POWER TO THEM!! I've ran in the cold, I've ran in the rain, but now I have gotten a little uppity and don't want to go until its ideal an ideal temperature! SMH at myself. I'm gonna do better. I HAVE to do better.

Until Next Time,

Be Blessed

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